BPI Projection

Born Batting Average:
(1153 - 310) 78.81%

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This option will allow you to select two teams to find the projected winner, and margin of victory. This is much easier than digging through the massive database to find the teams you are looking for, and then calculating the difference yourself. By the time you find the second team, you have already forgotten the rating of the first team.

However, this does have some limitations. To make it easier to find the team you are looking for, and to minimize loading time for the page, it utilizes JavaScript to load the teams into the lists according to the letter you select. If you have JavaScript 1.1 or later, you do not need to click the "Load Teams" button. When you select a team, the list will automatically be loaded. If it does not load automatically, you must click the button. Furthermore, if you do not have JavaScript enabled on your web browser, this page will not work. You must go to the non-javascript page!

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