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The B.P.I. is entering its 54th consecutive year of indexing team sports. Returning this season is the popular area of interest - The Spread: Just select the opponents and The Spread provides The Born Power Index projection for the outcome of that game.

The Team GROUPING link allows fans to locate where their favorite school ranks across the entire state , not just within the state district or section.

The B.P.I. catalogues every team, as they essentially rank themselves, providing an interesting and thought provoking mathematical yardstick for all to see.

The B.P.I. has proven to be an accurate vehicle in the assessment of a team's progress through the course of the season. The higher ranked team was victorious in 80.3% of 23,753 games indexed during the 2014-2015 season.

It should be noted that all teams begin the season with the rating they earned last season. Therefore, early season ratings are subject to drastic fluctuations.

Finally The Born Power Index wishes everyone a safe and successful season.

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